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In the 20th century, hot forging, i.e. the process of producing blanks by plastic deformation of metal at a high temperature, assumed increasing importance.
One of the main reasons behind this development was the growth in the automotive and the aircraft industry, where the search for parts featuring high mechanical strength and lightness and affordability at the same time made hot forging the most widely used production process.

Mechanical steel processes are difficult and require a high level of accuracy and great care to the detail. Steel is an amazing material, it is malleable, strong and versatile and can be used in different ways in machining processes. Compared to other materials of this type, steel is characterized by low production costs and the output is twenty times higher than that of all non-ferrous metals put together. Being highly versatile and ductile, it offers a wide range of mechanical properties that make it truly unique.

Scarica la nostra brouchure
Scarica la nostra brouchure